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Partners and Orgs FAQS


Q: Is there any commitment? Am I locked in?

A: Your STEPS representative will work with you to develop a plan that will fit ideally into your schedule. However, your participation is completely voluntary and you can exit the partnership agreement at any time.

Q: What are some ways our organization and the community we serve can benefit from participating?

A: STEPS is prepared to assist your organization in a variety of ways. Some of the ways members of our team have aided community organizations in the past include: compiling resources relevant to your individual needs/interest, advertisement of your organization through our channels, volunteering at community events, giving talks to students about a career in research and/or applying to college, and tutoring.

 Q: How long will the collaboration last?

A: The collaboration will last for as long as you and your organization deem appropriate. We will be recruiting new participants all the way until November 2025.

Q: What if our assigned representative at STEPS is no longer available?

A: If your assigned representative has to leave the project for any reason, they will let you know with due notice and connect you to a new representative. All our representatives take comprehensive notes everytime they speak with an organization, so your new representative will be well informed and prepared to continue the collaboration.

Q: Is there any cost to us?

A: Nope! Your participation is completely free.